It’s Magic, You Know

•November 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

Pretty hyper and unemotional at the moment, so don’t worry; I won’t burden you with the tales of my life. Anyways, they keep showing up around Cleveland, even though they’ve been pretty big with the Punk Rock crowd for a long time now– fashion combat boots.  I saw someone with black ones with gold shoestring metal hole clasp-thingies. Combat boots have been around for a pretty long time. In the 80s, they were pretty enormous with the whole black, leather, metal scene. In the 90s, you can be sure that they were big with the grunge bands who didn’t really care what others thought of them or if they showered. In the last decade, they’ve stuck with the same sort of genre (just generally rock) but mostly prevelent with punk rock. They have avoided the fashion spotlight and street fashion, but they are being pulled in. I’ve seen a good number of Cleveland kids wearing them and I can tell that they might be big, especially since the whole skinny jeans trend doesn’t seem like it’s going away for a while.

On a slight side note,  Black Friday is in 3 weeks. Oh yes.

– Xenia


We Can Dance If We Want To

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So Halloween was as fantastic as it should have been for an almost-17-year-old (yeah, i know, still a baby! D: ). But like a bunch of us went trick-or-treating, including me, without a costume. Oh yeah. Beastly.

Anyways, throughout the weekend I sported random pieces that I absolutely adore, like these Forever 21 black earrings and this charchoal gray boat neck constructed top with loose sleeves. I just like how it fits over the neck, broadcasting probably the least fat part of my body—my clavicles. I just have this thing for open necks, there is something remarkable and confident about it. Paired with dark jeans, dark blue jeans, black jeans, a good pair of dark leggings that are not sheer (again, that are not sheer!) tucked into a fine pair of boots with stocky knee-high socks or loose at the ankles in a pair of Converses. What ever floats thee boat. I also love how flexible this simple but fantastic piece is. If you’re cold, wrap over a scarf creatively and put on a cardigan. Like, it’s so easy to use and such a good piece to wear. I just love it.

Okay, I think I’m done ranting about it. I’m already looking forward to the weekend. I really want to go to the beach and just float or go hiking in some cave. I need to get out of the industrial hype and just float back to nature.

Yours for the moment,


Don’t You Forget About Me

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Monday at 12:30 PM I could have honestly sworn to feeling an enormous weight being lifted off of my shoulder; I was done with the midterm and could breathe just a bit more easily. However even though through the entire week I yearned for the weekend, I knew that it wouldn’t be one of pure glee and relaxation. Coming into this weekend, I have never felt more insane than I do now. I’m just so frazzled and jittery. Plus I can’t go to Homecoming, and a teeny part of me died inside; but it’s okay, I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I just have so much stuff to do for college applications, driving education, and school, starting with this beautiful burden. But the truth is I put my cold heart into every article, so be glad, reader. After volunteering in the morning, my sister and I started her little photography project for this contest. Here’s just a sneak peek.

Then my mother took us shopping, and I came home in a cheery mood. I know it’s really stupid and mindless to rant on something as materialistic and empty as shopping, but just being in this environment of beauty and pure joy is worth it for me. Personally, I really hate how thoughtless people can be when it comes to name brands and designers. Coming from a family who can’t afford to buy $50 jeans from American Eagle or Hollister, stores like Forever 21 and boutiques and thrift shopping make me ecstatic. So on that note, I found lots of dainty jewelry and I am finally the proud owner a simple double-banded gold ring. It’s too precious.

Anyways, like I said, tonight is the Homecoming Dance and I can’t go. And when I was in Forever 21 and all these other stores I spotted many fantastic dresses–ranging from formal to casual and everything in between. Oddly enough, most of the ones I liked were strapless, which I cannot pull off due to my body type. Some of them gave me this like gigantic prom-feel, making me feel a tad bit nauseous and anxious. But some of the other ones really made me question what was going through the designer’s head. Like this ruffled panel dress; I’m really not how many could pull it off but it sits right at the border of average and “ehhh” But this is not the time for pointing and laughing and humiliating, just to shed some light on what may or may not be obviously painfully tasteless. Anyways, I fell in love with a classic black strapless with a criss-cross fold at the bust. Of course, there were plenty of darker florals and patterns with similarly dark sweaters and cardigans thrown over along with long pearls or just long, chunky or simple necklaces.

On the same note, I was on lookbook, trying to find examples of the dresses I found and I found this masterpiece. I am so overwhelmed with fascination. There’s something so captivating about photography, especially that of nature and fashion. And when the two come together, it just makes me swoon. Okay. Maybe not swoon. But you get what I mean nevertheless. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, whether they’re partying it up at Homecoming or at some concert or chilling at homework doing tedious work like me. We’ve got a disgusting month up ahead, but no fear, it’ll soon be over and next spring, we’ll look back and smile and laugh with each other and just enjoy the rest of the year while we can.

-Xenia Braganca

If You Are Chilly, Here Take My Sweater

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So Saturday morning, at around 11 A.M., after 14 hours of sleep, I brush my teeth, eat breakfrast, do my hair, and walk back into my silent room, and I realize something is missing. I look around the room–it’s pretty neat for a Saturday morning, the quiet aftermath of a hectic week. Then I realize it’s just quiet. There’s no music in my room, which there usually always is. So I turn on Jack FM and Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” is being played and my world seems to be back in balance just a bit. Then I turn on my computer and just sit in the lovely atmosphere of Plant’s vocals and Page’s guitar and I look outside in awe of the fantastic weather. I’m not sure if I was dreaming this, but I am pretty sure it was raining last night. And now I’m sad that it still isn’t raining. Usually I hate the cold, but these last couple of months I yearn for the cold autumn, which brings me to the topic of the day—-sweaters. I love the cold for the sweaters. There’s just something oddly comforting and warm about sweater season.

I am a sucker for oversized, large, and comfy sweaters, preferably in dark colors and skinny pants and boots. It’s the classic look. I have seen so many people sporting it, and hey, who’s complaining? There’s something aesthetically pleasing about seeing people in what could be a raggamuffin’s knitted sweater and a pair of black tights. But in the end, it all looks good! Oh man, I just have a thing for nice sweaters, I guess. I’ve always wanted like a Berkely or NYC college sweatshirt too. But that’s another story. I just like sweaters. Except for Christmas-themed ones. Those are not acceptable. Ever.

And so ends my sweater-love rant. Take care!

Basically I Wished You Loved Me

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So if anyone has been keeping track of this blog, maybe if you’re quite sensitive or perceptive of changes in people’s lives and moods, you’ll see that nothing has changed for me in the last three weeks. It’s actually really depressing; you’d imagine that a seemingly easy-going person like myself would get over all the obstacles in my life, just hop on over them, and keep going until…well…some other obstacle trips me on my very merry way. I overthink things way too much. In fact, it would be so much healthier for me if I was put on an abandoned island for a couple days so I would have other things more important for my survival and I wouldn’t have to hurt so much. On top of that, the weather has been on crack for the last two weeks. It was 113 degrees on day and then the next week it was rainy and gloomy. But I loved the cold this week for some reason, because I usually dispise the cold. I was just chilling in my room with Kate Nash on the highest volume. Anyways, I get very excited for winter and fall, because of all the beautiful wardrobe that happens to come along with it. I’m a big fan of sweaters and knitted cardigans of burgandy, forest green, and navy blue and sturdy but aesthetically pleasing boots. But right now, at the moment, it’s about 85+ degrees. Just fantastic.

Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain

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Well, fellow readers, it has been one slow, disturbing week, but it was slightly better than last week. But this weekend surprisingly was not just a continuation of sadness. I got to relax with a couple of my fantastic friends. And as we were walking around, I silently looked around the neighborhood and I got this pang of nostaligia of autumn and the last couple of years; I kinda wanted to cry. But it would be so random to burst into tears while the two others are discussing some guy’s lack of eyebrows. So anyways, I went home, turned up the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and looked up a couple fall-esque photographs. Honestly, it’s about time autumn hit Southern California. It should not be 113 degrees in September. I long for the cold wind and sweater season. I honestly do. There. I said it. Usually I hate the cold and all that jazz. But not today. Today I say good bye to the shorts I hardly wear. Bring on the comfortable sweaters and warm boots.

So it all just puts me in the mood to wear mahogany red cowboy boots and a grey tunic and prance around in the meadow or something of that nature. That’s the sad thing about Southern California, the valley specifically. There’s so much buildings and concrete and metal and not enough rivers and trees and hills and meadows. For once I would like to look up at the night sky and not have to strain my eyes to see a couple of stars. (Yeah, that’s right, light pollution; I’m talking about you!) So here‘s to the warmth in the cold, the random bright colors in the midst of the dreary blandness, the sweet sound of voices in the whispering wind, the smell of coffee in the crisp morning air—all of it. Except the vomit-inducing months of college applications. All of it except that….yeah, that’s a sad way to end this post.  Well….yeah. Have a good week!

–Xenia Braganca

“Fall(ing) Days”

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This entire last week as been the absolute disgusting piece of garbage that as ever kindly been disposed on me.  I’ve never rethought my life, my friends, my purpose, everything more than I had in that week. It was a complete daze. So in the attempt to forget the week and its unfortunate sadness, I spent Saturday with my friend who goes to North Hollywood Zoo Magnet. It was pretty terrific; we went out for frozen yogurt, saw 58 minutes of 28 Days Later, and dropped into Urban Outfitters and Crossroads. Urban Outfitters was ridiculously overpriced, so we did ourselves a favor and left immediately. Crossroads was a whole different adventure. I found some excellent pieces (most were strapless dresses!). One was a light pink/mauve and white and another was floral and both were $9, high quality, and beautiful. But my favorite pieces were this soft gray skirt and a fantastic red Indian-esque v-neck oversized top that looked great when tucked into the skirt. Sadly both came out to be $20 in total and I had about 4 bucks left from my frozen yogurt splurge. So I left those two back at Crossroads. It was sad to let them go. Too bad.
So since this is my first blog, I just want to let everyone know of the easiest style tool out there on the world-wide web—- It never fails to inspire one to an outfit or let thee creative juices flow unrestricted. It combines photography, art, and fashion. There are a couple of negative things about this fashion blog. First of all, mostly all the girls and guys are teeny tiny people. Nothing greater than a size 4, my friend. And I am completely disgusted by the fashion industry and the media for advertising such stupidity and disregarding the majority of the world (normal sized people!). Also the style can get repetitive and slightly hipster. There are often random posts of innovation and nonconformity and just genuine originality, but most times you can see the trends from post to post. So for today (this week?) I love this look. Let me know what you think. If you love it, hate it, don’t care, whatever it be, comment, answer poll, go on rant on Facebook. Whatever floats thee boat.

Yours For the Moment,

Xenia Braganca