Everybody Just Wanna Fall in Love, Everybody Just Wanna Play the Lead

It’s spring! It’s so beautiful and warm and sunny and so crisp and fresh at 6:45am when I get to school in time for 0 Period AP Lit. Things are getting a tad bit more…uhm…sultry. that’s probably not even the right word and I’m not in the mental state to go back and think it through. Either way, it’s spring and I love it! It means that we’re closer to summer, closer to end of high school (YES!), and closer to college and more freedom, which just sounds soooo delicious at the moment.

Anyways, with warmer weather comes a lot more variety, I’d say, when it comes to fashion. I’ve never been one to wear short shorts and tube tops for obvious reasons; but anybody can pull off summer favorites, no matter your body size. I’m still in love with the look on the left: the oversized top and shorts and tights with boots, street shoes, etc. It gives the feel of a dress with definitely more edginess and class. That’s right, I said it. It’s probably currently one of the most overused words in the English language but that’s something that is lacking in everday fashion–class. Honestly wear what you’d like; just avoid the Ke$ha look. Please. (But that was a given.)



~ by ClevelandBloggers on April 5, 2011.

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