Pretty in Pink

Senior Luncheon was yesterday and one of the activities scheduled was modeling of select prom dresses and tuxedoes. Frankly, prom puts me in a fairly unhappy/anxious mostly because it’s so glamorized without questioning it and there are just too many couples I don’t care about. Anyways, dresses tend to be ridiculously expensive, so obviously I’d do some intense shopping around at least three weeks or so before the event.

Personally, I’m pretty short (five foot, two-ish!) and not skinny or thin; I’ve got curse so I’m definitely not leaning towards a long and sleek dress. I’m also not leaning towards bright colors. Dark colors are more of my taste, anyways. I would love a dark mauve or purple or teal colored dress of this kind

It’s kind of sad actually that I’m going to have to buy a dress that I probably won’t ever wear again. Prom better be worth my time. That’s all I can hope for.

Until next time (I’ve got A Clockwork Orange to finish and a cup of hot tea and inviting blankets waiting for me in this wintery weather),



~ by ClevelandBloggers on February 19, 2011.

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