Wonder Women

  It’s February and you know that that means. If you thought I meant Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, or Chinese New Year, you are mistaken (especially about the first hoiday). This month commemorates the achievements of Black people in the United States, which is a fantastic thing, considering the suffering and hardships. Whenever I think of the movements to end segregation and promote inequality amongst everyone, the 1960’s comes to my mind. And although the work of Martin Luther King and other male activists is incredibly important to Black History, I’m going to focus on the fabulous women of the 60’s and Black History in general. The first black millionaire was a black women; she lived right next door to the Rockefeller Mansion. Rosa Parks stood up for her race and refused to let a white man tell her what to do. Charlayne Hunter-Gault was the first black woman admitted to and graduated from the University of Georgia and was a journalist for CNN and NPR. Let’s not forget the black women who felt underrepresented in the feminist movement and were driven to be involved in one of the most important movements in history. When it comes to women’s fashion (and men’s for that matter) of the 60’s, black women hardly appear due to the Jezebel stereotype, that all black young females are dirty and scandalous. The most prominent name in the women who made it big in the 60’s is Jackie Kennedy, who influenced the fasion of that decade. The pieces she would sport with her husband or children would appear in the high fashion boutiques. Her fashion is also compared to that of First Lady Michelle Obama. The thing is when it comes to women, the pieces they wear are no where as important as the differences they make in the world. It’s the reason I have deep admiration for the women of these movements and the First Lady. Fashion really is a creative expression, a work of art. If someone as hard-working and inspirational as Michelle Obama can express herself in that way, who am I or any tabloid magazine or anyone to criticize?


~ by ClevelandBloggers on February 12, 2011.

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