Just Wanna Have Fun?

There’s nothing important about a pair of skinny jeans. There is nothing special in a loose fitting boat-neck striped top. There is no significance in a Led Zeppelin vintage tee shirt. There is no worth in a pair of brown ankles tie-up boots. There is no value in a silver chain with a single silver leaf hanging at the end. None of this matters. But do you know what does? When you pull off an outfit and you live your life and make memories with the people who matter the most. A pair of jeans, a classic tee, the most expensive pair of boots out there—they mean absolutely nothing if the person wearing them doesn’t feel like they’re on top of the world. It’s not the money. It isn’t even if what you’re wearing is “in style” or not. Fashion is overrated, simply because people have forgotten the look is nothing without the experience, the perception. (By the way, if anyone cares to agree, look up philosophy of taste. I had an epiphany in my aesthetics class.)

So when you look around Cleveland and you see what everyone’s sporting, you’re usually aware of the general trends. The skinny pants, the boots, the skin-tight tops, the cardigans of every length and color, the patterned tights, the knitted stockings–all of it. But what stands out are not the charming nor the beautiful, not the intellectual or the stupid. It’s usually the people who are having a great time, smiling or not. The people who have the life in them and who seem like generally good people. It’s all about the people, no matter what size they are, what trend they represent, not the money, not how much skin they bare, not how often they stick to the “trends”.

With this in mind, it really doesn’t matter if it gets colder or not. It will be 20 degrees below zero and we will still be wearing lace tops. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But it seems to be working in this brisk weather. Cleveland ladies, for example, have been flaunting black lace boat-neck long sleeved tops tucked into black skirts or jeans. Also in for the weather are knitted legging/stockings and jeggings (jean leggings). The first is hard to pull off and requires precision in an outfit but it’s always workable. Jeggings I have a problem with simply because I’ve always hated denim things that aren’t pants. It’s like blue-colored stretchy pants. But if they make you feel comfortable and if you feel happy and you look great, go ahead and wear them.

(Sidenote: I’m not that excited for Harry Potter like the others, but Emma Watson is so incredibly gorgeous. So there.)


~ by ClevelandBloggers on November 14, 2010.

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