It’s Magic, You Know

Pretty hyper and unemotional at the moment, so don’t worry; I won’t burden you with the tales of my life. Anyways, they keep showing up around Cleveland, even though they’ve been pretty big with the Punk Rock crowd for a long time now– fashion combat boots.  I saw someone with black ones with gold shoestring metal hole clasp-thingies. Combat boots have been around for a pretty long time. In the 80s, they were pretty enormous with the whole black, leather, metal scene. In the 90s, you can be sure that they were big with the grunge bands who didn’t really care what others thought of them or if they showered. In the last decade, they’ve stuck with the same sort of genre (just generally rock) but mostly prevelent with punk rock. They have avoided the fashion spotlight and street fashion, but they are being pulled in. I’ve seen a good number of Cleveland kids wearing them and I can tell that they might be big, especially since the whole skinny jeans trend doesn’t seem like it’s going away for a while.

On a slight side note,  Black Friday is in 3 weeks. Oh yes.

– Xenia


~ by ClevelandBloggers on November 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “It’s Magic, You Know”

  1. where can i find these boots?
    they are amazing. just saying.

    • i’d try kohls or any vintage recycling place (like crossroads and such). I’d also try urban outfitters but i firmly dislike that place. but it’s honestly up to you.

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