Don’t You Forget About Me

Monday at 12:30 PM I could have honestly sworn to feeling an enormous weight being lifted off of my shoulder; I was done with the midterm and could breathe just a bit more easily. However even though through the entire week I yearned for the weekend, I knew that it wouldn’t be one of pure glee and relaxation. Coming into this weekend, I have never felt more insane than I do now. I’m just so frazzled and jittery. Plus I can’t go to Homecoming, and a teeny part of me died inside; but it’s okay, I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I just have so much stuff to do for college applications, driving education, and school, starting with this beautiful burden. But the truth is I put my cold heart into every article, so be glad, reader. After volunteering in the morning, my sister and I started her little photography project for this contest. Here’s just a sneak peek.

Then my mother took us shopping, and I came home in a cheery mood. I know it’s really stupid and mindless to rant on something as materialistic and empty as shopping, but just being in this environment of beauty and pure joy is worth it for me. Personally, I really hate how thoughtless people can be when it comes to name brands and designers. Coming from a family who can’t afford to buy $50 jeans from American Eagle or Hollister, stores like Forever 21 and boutiques and thrift shopping make me ecstatic. So on that note, I found lots of dainty jewelry and I am finally the proud owner a simple double-banded gold ring. It’s too precious.

Anyways, like I said, tonight is the Homecoming Dance and I can’t go. And when I was in Forever 21 and all these other stores I spotted many fantastic dresses–ranging from formal to casual and everything in between. Oddly enough, most of the ones I liked were strapless, which I cannot pull off due to my body type. Some of them gave me this like gigantic prom-feel, making me feel a tad bit nauseous and anxious. But some of the other ones really made me question what was going through the designer’s head. Like this ruffled panel dress; I’m really not how many could pull it off but it sits right at the border of average and “ehhh” But this is not the time for pointing and laughing and humiliating, just to shed some light on what may or may not be obviously painfully tasteless. Anyways, I fell in love with a classic black strapless with a criss-cross fold at the bust. Of course, there were plenty of darker florals and patterns with similarly dark sweaters and cardigans thrown over along with long pearls or just long, chunky or simple necklaces.

On the same note, I was on lookbook, trying to find examples of the dresses I found and I found this masterpiece. I am so overwhelmed with fascination. There’s something so captivating about photography, especially that of nature and fashion. And when the two come together, it just makes me swoon. Okay. Maybe not swoon. But you get what I mean nevertheless. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, whether they’re partying it up at Homecoming or at some concert or chilling at homework doing tedious work like me. We’ve got a disgusting month up ahead, but no fear, it’ll soon be over and next spring, we’ll look back and smile and laugh with each other and just enjoy the rest of the year while we can.

-Xenia Braganca


~ by ClevelandBloggers on October 24, 2010.

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