Basically I Wished You Loved Me

So if anyone has been keeping track of this blog, maybe if you’re quite sensitive or perceptive of changes in people’s lives and moods, you’ll see that nothing has changed for me in the last three weeks. It’s actually really depressing; you’d imagine that a seemingly easy-going person like myself would get over all the obstacles in my life, just hop on over them, and keep going until…well…some other obstacle trips me on my very merry way. I overthink things way too much. In fact, it would be so much healthier for me if I was put on an abandoned island for a couple days so I would have other things more important for my survival and I wouldn’t have to hurt so much. On top of that, the weather has been on crack for the last two weeks. It was 113 degrees on day and then the next week it was rainy and gloomy. But I loved the cold this week for some reason, because I usually dispise the cold. I was just chilling in my room with Kate Nash on the highest volume. Anyways, I get very excited for winter and fall, because of all the beautiful wardrobe that happens to come along with it. I’m a big fan of sweaters and knitted cardigans of burgandy, forest green, and navy blue and sturdy but aesthetically pleasing boots. But right now, at the moment, it’s about 85+ degrees. Just fantastic.


~ by ClevelandBloggers on October 10, 2010.

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