Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain

Well, fellow readers, it has been one slow, disturbing week, but it was slightly better than last week. But this weekend surprisingly was not just a continuation of sadness. I got to relax with a couple of my fantastic friends. And as we were walking around, I silently looked around the neighborhood and I got this pang of nostaligia of autumn and the last couple of years; I kinda wanted to cry. But it would be so random to burst into tears while the two others are discussing some guy’s lack of eyebrows. So anyways, I went home, turned up the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and looked up a couple fall-esque photographs. Honestly, it’s about time autumn hit Southern California. It should not be 113 degrees in September. I long for the cold wind and sweater season. I honestly do. There. I said it. Usually I hate the cold and all that jazz. But not today. Today I say good bye to the shorts I hardly wear. Bring on the comfortable sweaters and warm boots.

So it all just puts me in the mood to wear mahogany red cowboy boots and a grey tunic and prance around in the meadow or something of that nature. That’s the sad thing about Southern California, the valley specifically. There’s so much buildings and concrete and metal and not enough rivers and trees and hills and meadows. For once I would like to look up at the night sky and not have to strain my eyes to see a couple of stars. (Yeah, that’s right, light pollution; I’m talking about you!) So here‘s to the warmth in the cold, the random bright colors in the midst of the dreary blandness, the sweet sound of voices in the whispering wind, the smell of coffee in the crisp morning air—all of it. Except the vomit-inducing months of college applications. All of it except that….yeah, that’s a sad way to end this post.  Well….yeah. Have a good week!

–Xenia Braganca


~ by ClevelandBloggers on October 3, 2010.

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