“Fall(ing) Days”

This entire last week as been the absolute disgusting piece of garbage that as ever kindly been disposed on me.  I’ve never rethought my life, my friends, my purpose, everything more than I had in that week. It was a complete daze. So in the attempt to forget the week and its unfortunate sadness, I spent Saturday with my friend who goes to North Hollywood Zoo Magnet. It was pretty terrific; we went out for frozen yogurt, saw 58 minutes of 28 Days Later, and dropped into Urban Outfitters and Crossroads. Urban Outfitters was ridiculously overpriced, so we did ourselves a favor and left immediately. Crossroads was a whole different adventure. I found some excellent pieces (most were strapless dresses!). One was a light pink/mauve and white and another was floral and both were $9, high quality, and beautiful. But my favorite pieces were this soft gray skirt and a fantastic red Indian-esque v-neck oversized top that looked great when tucked into the skirt. Sadly both came out to be $20 in total and I had about 4 bucks left from my frozen yogurt splurge. So I left those two back at Crossroads. It was sad to let them go. Too bad.
So since this is my first blog, I just want to let everyone know of the easiest style tool out there on the world-wide web—-http://lookbook.nu. It never fails to inspire one to an outfit or let thee creative juices flow unrestricted. It combines photography, art, and fashion. There are a couple of negative things about this fashion blog. First of all, mostly all the girls and guys are teeny tiny people. Nothing greater than a size 4, my friend. And I am completely disgusted by the fashion industry and the media for advertising such stupidity and disregarding the majority of the world (normal sized people!). Also the style can get repetitive and slightly hipster. There are often random posts of innovation and nonconformity and just genuine originality, but most times you can see the trends from post to post. So for today (this week?) I love this look. Let me know what you think. If you love it, hate it, don’t care, whatever it be, comment, answer poll, go on rant on Facebook. Whatever floats thee boat.

Yours For the Moment,

Xenia Braganca


~ by ClevelandBloggers on September 26, 2010.

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