The Hunt.

This weekend will be very interesting, I am on the hunt for brown leather rider boot. (translation: knee high straight boot)

Key areas will be in Melrose and the Salvation Army. (I got the idea from watching  The Breakfast Club, Molly Ringwald was wearing them. 1985) Lets begin.

By: Summer Mason


~ by ClevelandBloggers on January 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Hunt.”

  1. This is crazy! I have shoes just like these! My mom used to ride horses and recently found her old boots in the garage. I snatched them up in a heartbeat! (It’s too bad I need two other people to help me get the off, but it’s definitely worth it.)

    • haha, I know those boots are like the hardest to get off man. I went shoe shopping and I tried a pair on, and there were grasping onto my feet. IMPOSSIBLE to get off.

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