Shoes, lets get some shoes.

Oh ladies where do we begin. So I think that I’ve established a new profound interest for  heels. I love occasionally a really cute booties or tennis shoe but heels, they are just so much fun. They give you the look your going for more of an “umf“. Although, I don’t think I would ever wear a heel to school, I would save them for a night in the city or i don’t know who cares just have fun with them. Just don’t have too much fun with them to the point where you want to wear them to school. I tend to sort of laugh at the girls who wear heels, unless you just look so good with them and you can completely pull them off. Actually, don’t listen to me, just use your imagination. I recommend switching your outfit up with them. There are two basic looks you can go for. The first: the classic sexy, feminine look with a tight short fit dress. I think whats really in right now is the long sleeve dress which is short and the length comes short at the thigh. I really like the straight line neckline and with a plunging back line that shows the back. The second: You could always throw a masculine touch to it. I recommend either a tight high-rise cigarette jeans with a blouse that is not form-fitting at all (maybe a button down or a lace no collar button down shirt). Wrapped up with a blazer with shoulder pads or a leather or jean jacket. Put your on twist to it.

-Summer Mason


~ by ClevelandBloggers on November 22, 2009.

One Response to “Shoes, lets get some shoes.”

  1. very interesting shoes I love the choice of shoes with the dress!!

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