HEYLLO kitty.

So I don’t know where to begin with this. I loved every moment of the Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary in Culver City on Saturday Night at a place called the three apples. From waiting in line for two hours, attempting to sneak into the fashion show to entering a Hello Kitty’s own personal wonderland. I felt as if I were walking into Tokyo, but exactly where the mix was occurring. The fashions were beyond playing dress up and more so, creating a look with no control or authority. The ladies strutted teased hair, with jaw dropping plether corsets, heels that varied from lace up opened toes to killer stripper heels that the models seemed to make look as if they were not made for poles but a catwalk. The guests make up and hair and styles had my head turning every three seconds. The photo below of the side head shot of the gold shimmer flower was from Michael’s that she had placed inĀ  her hair. LOVE IT!




~ by ClevelandBloggers on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “HEYLLO kitty.”

  1. wow, i truly admire your dedication~.
    KEEP IT UP! i’ll be a familiar visiter for sure.

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