23 Days Until Homecoming…


23 is a veeery mischievous number. It haunts Jim Carrey in the movie The Number 23. It can kill people according to the movie, so beware. I’ve been waiting for the right time to write this post for the past week. With 23 days left until homecoming, I’m thinking this just might be the right time. Don’t hide under the covers just yet…

I’m warning you.

 What you’re about to see is pretty alarming and might blow your mind.

Someone has made the impossible possible. 

The gasps from Spring Fashion Week in Paris shook the earth;

specifically during Alexander McQueen‘s runway show.

The models courageously strutted down the catwalk in these…

wowTwelve inch heels.

I’ll give you a moment to try and comprehend this.

I mean, I guess you could consider me short. In those stilts I would be over six feet tall! I would never be denied the right to go on any “minimum height required” ride again! This is a breakthrough! 

Alexander McQueen, you have lived up to your bold reputation. 

You have defined a new stage in the evolution of shoes. 

A round of applause is deserved. 

THANK YOU to the models who actually had to wear those killer stilettos. 

These shoes are more likely to end up in a museum than on feet,

but nevertheless thank you McQueen for being so daring. 


“I used to be conflicted about the whole industry.

Now I’m happy and balanced.

Well, still a little off balance, I suppose.”

~Alexander McQueen


I’m sure if he put on his own heels he would be more than a little off balance.

xox your secret stylist 


*To view McQueen’s Spring 2010 runway, click on image.


~ by ClevelandBloggers on October 16, 2009.

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  1. I love this secret writer

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