it’s raining, it’s pouring…

I hate to burst your California bubble, but flip flops aren’t going to keep your feet warm in all this rain. 

Here are some great fall finds to keep your toesies and your wallet protected from the cold. After all, the walk to H (hall?) can be pretty disastrous. 

Umbrellas to match every outfit

Umbrellas for every outfit: $16

Hunter Boots
Hunter Wellys



Hunter Rainboots: $115    

boots come in other colors

Hunter Welly Socks: $40

socks come in other colors

wear them under your boots to keep you warm!



Of course, you can find rainboots for much cheaper. In fact, my dad bought me some at Orchard Supply!



Dr. Martens: $180

Airwalk at Payless: $40


That should be enough to keep you out of weather troubles.

Stay warm, stay healthy, wash your hands. Don’t spread germs; it’s soo not in this season. 

xox your secret stylist


*click on images to start shopping!





~ by ClevelandBloggers on October 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “it’s raining, it’s pouring…”

  1. This is definitely one of the best and most helpful things ive ever read!

    i really want a clear umbrella and germs ARENT in style!!!!!


    all hale beetz

  3. OH MY GOD SUMMER i had no idea you had this blog type thing goin on!!
    its amazing 🙂

    and its totally perfect for you because you definitely are the fashion queen of ALL teenagers in the valley, teehee

    i just wanted to put out my thoughts, because i think your incredible and im really glad that you have this page!!


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