The plan.

I have set up a schedule. Yes, yes. I’m very organized.

Mondays: Man o’ monday

  • On Mondays I will post pictures and descriptions of a lucky male student  of  Cleveland whose attire catches my eye.

Tuesdays: Teach a’ Tuesday

  • You stare at them all day, I’m pretty sure one out five days they must look good. Photos of the teachers attire will be posted along with some descriptions

Wednesday: Whoa man! Wednesday

  • I’ll be on the hunt for the best dressed girl on campus. So be prepared ladies.

Thursday: Trend’ it Thursday

  • Thursdays will be photo posts of students outfits that I think are in the seasonal trend.

Friday: Summertime Awakening

  • Well, well, well. Its Friday and i’ll give you a taste of my closet and what I strut around in.

The people I will be choosing will vary every week. Check in for extra posts outside from the walls of Cleveland randomly during the week .


~ by ClevelandBloggers on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “The plan.”

  1. you should talk about street fashion from other countries sometimes.
    i think your readers are familiar with american fashion.
    try a little tokyo, or even london?
    their style is pretty wicked! ^_~*

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