The Global Walk: Macy’s Passport Fashion Show

A quote to start off the night was ” follow your heart be careful”

  • Hugo Boss: Women: color palette- grey black, white with a splash of color every now and then.  Woman’s collection seemed as if repeatative from last years fall 2008 show.  The theme had consisted of square cuts and square pleats in the pants. The men’s collection seemed as if the lengths were very exaggerated. Either the cuts of the jackets were tight and cut to the waist or they were long and trenched to the knee. Inspiration was from 1937’s men formal wear.
  • American Rag: Their stuff was quite disappointing to me due to that fact that they seemed as if their was no main theme. Many of the articles of clothing were very scattered and boring pieces. ( Flare jeans, Plaid button downs, cowboy thigh high boots.) I got confused if they were seeming to do a country theme or glam rock.
  • Calvin Klein: This collection was very businessy, I suppose. The women had garments that were tight in the areas that were needed to extenuate their hour glass figures. The mens garments were also very business and had been lose in too many areas. The mens collection had looked to oversized to fit into the fall 2009 trend. There was one dress of the womens collection that seemed to impress everyone but myself. It was an amythest tone that was draped to the floor. There was not shape to it except for the bust which was held up by two thin straps.( very 92′ styled)
  • Tallia: My favorite collection of the night was Tallia Orange. The theme was masquerade which corresponded  amazingly with the collection. This was an all mens collection of suits that varied in textures of cortaroy and velvet. The jackets were cordaroy, the vests were velvet, the shirts were prints of plaid  and the pants had a cotton look. The color palete consisted of mustard yellows, maroon and cerulean. The accecories were paired with bold colored bow ties and oxfords. ( Very welcoming the new age)
  • I dont really know how to describe the mens underwear. I think this was where I began to drool and have spaz attacks. Although it was only underweat it was different from fall 2008 due to the elastic band being thicker. The womens lingerie was very “plain jane”. The branches of flowers that they wore on their back drew back the attention to the actual peices of lingerie.

I enjoyed the fashion show and got to sit in pretty good seats. Although this was a student event, I felt as if it was so much more than just that.

Fashion: ugh. Show: AAHmazing

Photos will be posted soon!


~ by summermason on October 2, 2009.

One Response to “The Global Walk: Macy’s Passport Fashion Show”

  1. I am still back at the Alexander McQueen shoes…OMG! Way to break an ankle for sure!

    Love the blog!

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